Letter to UNESCO on Király utca 25., 27., 29.

Dear Madam, I am writing on behalf of ÓVÁS! Association in Budapest, as one of the two  co-presidents of this group. We would like to remind you to the still unsolved of case of 3 buildings in the 7th district: Király utca 25., 27., 29.  The Prime Minister’s Office, headed by Gergely Gulyás, is also responsible…

Letter to the Poolstraße Temple Initiative

Dear Friends and Colleagues,  We, the members of ÓVÁS! Association in Budapest, Hungary, fully support your initiative to preserve the remains of the Jewish Reform Synagogue in Hamburg and join your international appeal. Since 2004 we have led and are leading a similar fight for preserving the Old Jewish Quarter of Budapest, threatened by careless…

Presentation for the ICOMOS Advisory Mission to Budapest

It was in 2005 that ÓVÁS! first warned UNESCO of Budapest’s world heritage sites and their buffer zones being endangered by significant changes taking place in the historic Jewish district, describing the demolition of buildings and the construction of new, entirely out of place ones. Since then we have informed UNESCO several times about the…

Offener Brief zur Abwicklung der Denkmalpflege

Ungeachtet dessen, dass die Denkmalpflege bereits über 145 Jahre hinweg Teil unseres Nationalbewusstseins ist, hat die ungarische Regierung 2017 die Abwicklung der einzigen offiziellen Fachinstitution abgeschlossen: Sie schloss nun auch die Sammlungen, die die Grundlage jeder praktischen oder wissenschaftlichen Denkmalpflege bilden, nämlich das Plan-, Foto- und Dokumentenarchiv sowie die Bibliothek. Mit dem Ende dieser Institution,…

ICOMOS-UNESCO letter concerning the „Liget Budapest” project

The letter is primarily addressed to chairpersons and board members of UNESCO, UNESCO World Heritage Centre and ICOMOS.  A copy of the letter is also sent electronically to representatives of IUCN, UNESCO Hungarian National Committee, SCCL chairman, IFLA, MIPIM Awards (see the full list of secondary addressees below the letter). Dear Chairpersons and Members of…

Invitation – Who lived, who build here?

ÓVÁS! Association cordially invites you to an international workshop and exhibition

Jewish Contribution to the Urban Development of European Cities and of Budapest as a Metropolis

Venue: FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture, 1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor Street 5
Time: Thursday, 23 February 2017, 9:30 to 17:30
Opening address: Géza Komoróczy
The languages of the workshop are English and Hungarian, with simultaneous translation.

The exhibition will be opened at 18:00 p.m. by György Konrád
Who Lived, Who Built Here? The exhibition presents the material of the website on the Jewish contribution to Elisabethstadt and Theresienstadt.
Concept: Bálint Nagy, project material: Anna Perczel, photography: Endre Lábass, software development: Tivadar Feczkó
The exhibition is open until 15 March, 2017 in the opening hours of FUGA

Sponsor: National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA)
Website of the research project: lathatatlan.ovas.hu


ANTECEDENTS In the year 2013 ÓVÁS! Association prepared a book, commissioned by the Municipal Council of the 7th District, about the Jewish patrimony of Elisabethstadt. The title of the book is That which is visible and that which is invisible. While the book was being prepared, we started to conduct research into the question how…

Invitation – Here and Now

ÓVÁS! Association cordially invites you to the opening of a photography exhibition on the historic Jewish district by István Jávor and Martin Fejér photographers, under the title Here and Now.
The event will take place at the synagogue in Rumbach Sebestyén utca (1074 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén utca 11–13.) at 5.30 pm on Monday, 13th of October 2014.

Quel avenir pour le quartier juif de Budapest?

27 février – 8 mars 2014 Institut hongrois de Paris | 92, rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris Informations: accueil@instituthongrois.fr | +33 1 43 26 06 44 Exposition 27 février – 8 mars Sélection des photos d’István Jávor et de Martin Fejér, deux observateurs infatigables du 7e arrondissement de Budapest qui consignent depuis de longues années tous…

The goals of the association are

The goals of the association are: Heritage protection Protecting the built environment in Budapest Preserving the integrity of the whole urban fabric Primary aim is to protect the urban areas, rich with historical significance for Budapest, that are currently under threat Concentrated area of activities is demarcated by the following streets: Károly körút, Andrássy út,…